Publishing Update – Painted Hounds

I have a new short story out in 18th Wall’s Those Who Live Long Forgotten anthology. It follows Scylla and Charybdis trying to figure out a new life after being re-born in softer human bodies in a modern-day city. Check it out at Smashwords and Amazon!


“Myths never die.

They cough away into obscurity, and settle into the comfortable spot just beyond our vision.

You would never believe the little girl with the too-big smile is the queen of vampires, no, no. Nor would you believe that the two semi-homeless women who list around New York in time with the tide are the remains of the two great monsters, out for revenge. You certainly wouldn’t believe the master detective spent his final days in a cramped, black-ops prison.

No, you wouldn’t believe a word of it.

Featuring all new stories by Ro McNulty, James Bojaciuk, Gabrielle Friesen, and Pedro Iniguez, as well as a glimmerglass flash by Nick Wisseman and a selection of classic myths and stories which inspired the present authors.

“Ruin: The Rise of the House of Karnstein” by Ro McNulty
“The Mirror” by Hannah Lackoff
“Hobo in the White City” by Nick Wisseman
“Imprisoned, Half-Dead: A Syllogism” by James Bojaciuk
“Painted Hounds” by Gabrielle Friesen
“Shaytan, The Whisperer” by Pedro Iniguez”

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