Nightmare Log 4/13/16

There is someone in the house.

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Nightmare Log 3/30/16

I am driving in my red pickup truck, and it is nighttime.

I am not driving calmly.

Something has chased me off the highway and I am on a back road I do not know.

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Year End/Start Update

I sure am bad at updating this blog! I was going to make it a new year’s resolution, but didn’t bother since I knew I would immediately fail. Evidenced by the fact that I couldn’t even squeak in this update last night, technically still in the first month of the new year. Oh well, second months fine.

I’m going to try and brainstorm some ways to keep this blog relevant, as of now it is living up to its name of mainly just being a repository for links to things I’ve had published. Which isn’t bad, but isn’t the best either.

Anyways 2015 summary!:

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Nightmare Log 8/14/15

I wake up in bed, my room frigid and my breath puffing out before my face. The windows and door frame are covered with ice, and icicles are beginning to form on the walls.

There is a figure standing in the doorway.

The shadowperson wants my body heat, having spent too long out in the cold.

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July Summary

I got a flash fiction piece about werewolves called Lycanthrope Loneliness published at SpeckLit.

Short Stories I read and really recommend:

Five Pieces by Jessy Randall

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June Summary

coverMy story Deep/Dark Space was published in Lightspeed magazine’s Queers Destroy Science Fiction special issue!

There's my piece amongst some other really stellar flash fiction pieces!

There’s my piece amongst some other really stellar flash fiction pieces!

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Focus and Horror

Focus is an important aspect of creating horror. Too often a movie will tip its hand early, showing the monster full-on in total focus before the film’s climax. Better to keep the creature only half-glimpsed, in the background, blurry and out of focus as it drifts behind the characters and through the viewer’s psyche.

Hyper-focus or lack of focus is important in creating a sense of dread in the viewer or reader. Too much detail or too little can be terrifying, but its the middle ground, just the normal amount of detail, that I think tends to kill horror. Leaving a monster at the barest sketchy outline, only the teeth and sclera and weight of it, is just enough to allow all childhood fears to leap to the foreground. Describing the minutiae of a hallway, the simple distance between the bedroom and an intruder in inches and centimeters and the way the air still smells of the repaved parking lot and the sounds of the pipes creaking as they always do at night but there are two points of light at the end of the hallway, two reflective eyes becomes a terrifying overstimulus.

Leaving the details up to the imagination allows the reader to supply their own personally horrifying details, filling in the blanks with their own worst fears. Hyper focus can cause the reader to dissociate from what is normal around them, making something banal horrifying by revealing new layers of seeing.

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