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A Look Back at The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and the Wait Mechanic

I doubt I will get this out in any parameter that could remotely be considered timely, but with the announcement of Skyrim’s 10 billionth re-release at this year’s E3, I’ve been thinking about the Elder Scrolls series a lot, and … Continue reading

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Nightmare Log 2/6/17

The zombies have chased us into a flooded power building. Corralled us like cattle. there are dozens of use, standing in tepid, ankle-length water near the walls of the building. We try to board up the windows, to pile up … Continue reading

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Nightmare Log 10/30/14

I dreamed of zombies, and escaped some of their clich├ęs, but not their teeth. There was a hotel, a great tower of a hotel. From the lobby, you could look up 20 stories, all the way to the skylight at … Continue reading

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